G-901 Motion Controller for High Power Requirement

G-901 Motion Controller for High Power Requirement


The G-901 motion controllers offer a fully integrated electronics solution with controller and driver in an industry-compatible 19″ housing. The G-901 motion controller features the state-of-the-art ACS SPiiPlusEC motion controller and EtherCAT master. Integrated drivers for 2, 3, or 4 axes. Upgradable via EtherCAT to up to 8 synchronized axes (additional driver modules necessary). EtherCAT cycle and generation rate of the motion profile 2 kHz. Ethernet velocity of up to 1 GbE. Servo algorithms for advanced gantry and dual-loop control. STO safety function for safely switching off the power supply for the axes.

I/O lines

The digital inputs and outputs can be flexibly configured. For the evaluation of reference switches, digital inputs can alternatively be led to the motor connectors. Depending on the application, the inputs for the limit and reference switches can be configured for 5 V or 24 V and also as PNP or NPN inputs. Position synchronous trigger signals with up to 10 Mhz output frequency enable a precise process control at high travel velocities (position event generator – PEG).


If the types of positioner are specified when ordering, all connectors of the G-901 are suitably preconfigured at delivery. The default factory configuration, without positioner-specific adjustments, is detailed in the specifications. For subsequent adjustments, please contact our service department.


Supports incremental encoders (sine/cosine or RS-422) and absolute encoders (EnDat 2.2 & 2.1, Smart-Abs, Panasonic, BiSS-A/B/C (SSI)). Depending on the application, the encoders can be led to different interfaces.

Communication, software support

The motion controller works as master in an internal EtherCAT network. The open network architecture also enables the integration of components from other manufacturers. For communication with a PC, the motion controller is equipped with an Ethernet TCP/IP and a RS-232 interface. ACS SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio, a modern user software with tools for control tuning and visualizing is included in the scope of delivery. Programming libraries are available for C/C++, COM, .NET, and MATLAB.

More information:https://bit.ly/3jekMJV