VIDEO: Guiding The Next Generation Scientists

VIDEO: Guiding The Next Generation Scientists

Ocean Optics Spectrometers Make Science Fun, Informative and Affordable.

The next generation of scientists and engineers is among us, laying the foundation today for the discoveries and innovations of tomorrow.

At Ocean Optics, we want to help you inspire your students and show them what spectroscopy can do. That’s why we’ve been offering a line of educational systems and curricula from the beginning, featuring robust, easy to use, modular products that can be reconfigured to teach the principles of spectroscopy in many different ways.

Education Systems

Ocean Optics provides robust, versatile and affordable spectrometers, accessories and software for modern teaching labs and research facilities. We complement these products with curricula, workshops, multimedia learning and grant funding to help educators bring the excitement of spectroscopy to students at all levels.

Select from among spectrometers including FLAME-CHEM and Red Tide, software and accessories tailored for use in educational labs. Complement your purchase with free curricula to demonstrate key spectroscopy concepts.

Students in the Lab

Ocean Optics has compiled an introduction to basic spectroscopy methods and several example experiments to help you develop your own curricula and course work.

Ocean Optics offers funding to public and private teaching institutions to promote the use of our spectroscopy measurement tools in advancing science and engineering research and curricula.