Monospektra Welcomes New Partner – Ocean Optics Inc.

Monospektra Welcomes New Partner - Ocean Optics Inc.

Monospektra is proud to announce that from now on it is an official distributor of Ocean Optics products in the Baltic states.

The invention of the Ocean Optics modular spectrometer 25 years ago made spectroscopy portable, inexpensive and accessible. The concept of modular spectroscopy has expanded dramatically, and is now being applied to global problems. In some cases Ocean Optics spectrometers act as the primary analytical instrument, in other, they are used to solve just one piece of the puzzle, reflecting the complex nature of science and industry and the need for many different complementary techniques to drive progress.

Raman Spectroscopy

Ocean Optics has been fuelling the Raman revolution for 20 years, offering a diverse family of modular and turnkey systems. Designed for maximum performance in a compact, cost-effective footprint, these products let you take the power of Raman spectroscopy wherever you need to go.

Authentication and Anti-counterfeit

According to the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes, with an estimated annual cost of $1 trillion worldwide. Ocean Optics modular spectroscopy systems offer many ways to combat fraud, from measuring novel optical materials and features to validating bank notes, to detecting explosives and illegal narcotics.

OEM Solutions

Today Ocean Optics OEM customers include over 400 companies across the globe, all sourcing spectrometers, subassemblies or complete solutions in volume. They are partnered with OEM account managers and application engineers located at regional offices worldwide who champion their product from concept to volume manufacture, working hands-on to test samples and configure systems.