High-sensitivity NIRQuest+ Spectrometers

High-sensitivity NIRQuest+ Spectrometers

Our newly enhanced NIRQuest+ delivers up to 2.5x sensitivity compared with similar spectrometers. We now offer more NIR spectrometers, with better performance, for various applications from 900-2500 nm.

NIRQuest+ Advantages

  • High sensitivity performance for lower limits of detection
  • Excellent measurement accuracy, especially in low light conditions
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -20 °C for low dark current
  • High SNR over a short integration period, ideal for measuring samples moving quickly on a process line
  • Compatible with our range of light sources and accessories, ensuring good experimental design
    Sensitivity improvement of the NIRQuest+-1.7 (900-1700 nm) vs. a similar spectrometer

NIRQuest+ Sample Applications

Authentication and Material Identification

  • Plastics identification for recycling
  • Raw materials verification (pharma and chemical)

Biomedical and Life Sciences

  • Pharmaceuticals testing and QC
  • Tissue monitoring (fat, moisture, melanin content)

Food & Agriculture

  • Methanol detection in spirits production
  • Moisture, protein and fat analysis of grains and other crops

Remote Sensing

  • Calibrated measurement of solar energy and solar simulator outputs
  • Soil and vegetation analysis for environmental monitoring