Flame Series General Purpose Spectrometers

Flame Series General Purpose Spectrometers

Continuing Ocean Insight’s tradition of offering the world’s most popular modular spectrometers, Flame series general-purpose spectrometers provide great versatility, high thermal stability and low unit-to-unit variability.

What we call “general-purpose” spectrometers could just as easily be called “all-purpose” or “multifaceted.” That’s because Flame is our flagship spectrometer model, designed to accommodate all sorts of applications and affordable enough for the widest range of customers.

Does that mean that each application starts with a Flame? No, it doesn’t. All our spectrometers perform well across various applications. What sets them apart are design features that make certain models a better choice for specific applications, such as the HR4Pro for very high resolution needs or QE Pro for high-sensitivity applications.

Flame Spectrometers at Glance

Most Flame spectrometers are available with Sony (-S) or Toshiba (-T) CCD array detectors. The primary differences between the two are the number of pixel elements (2048 vs. 3648), SNR (Toshiba is slightly better), and integration time (minimum 1 ms for Sony and 3.8 ms for Toshiba). Learn more at this specifications table.

Flame General Purpose Spectrometers

Additional Flame Series Spectrometers

Note: If you’re considering a USB2000+/USB4000 spectrometer for your general lab needs, read this first.